Arts – Culture – Education build an ACE in Society

In the times we live in, the focus of many lays on areas such as IT, financial, maybe medical, legal, and yet we all need to express our feelings and cuddle our vulnerabilities.

We respond to this deep need of today’s society through Festival 4 Arts, , a place where people of all ages express themselves through art, cultivate and educate in universal human fields.

Festival 4 Arts, an ACE in Society

The ”Festival 4 Arts” project aims at increasing and disseminating arts, culture and education within a series of artistic events. It brings together 4 areas of art and it aims to cohesion between masters and disciples, between consecrated artists and talented aspirants.

One of the most important results of the ”Festival 4 Arts” project and its preparatory season, called the ”The Festival’s Prologue”, is that people of all ages and professions are asserted and become known worldwide.

Relaxation and restoration of resources during the holiday made it necessary to find a venue for the Festival, so that people benefit from several advantages. Some of them are offered by the wonderful city of Câmpina: isolation from intense road traffic, picturesque settlement, clean air, sunny days, all with a beneficial effect on health

Festival 4 Arts Overview

Our project starts from the idea of ​​satisfying the need for rest and recreation while studying daily in a professional, competitive, and enjoyable environment.
We believe that joining the four areas – music, visual arts, acting and creative writing – contributes to the development of the artistic spirit and the individual motivation of the participants.

At the same time, we found that among students there is a desire to participate in events that combine the courses supported by renowned professors, with the possibility of socializing with colleagues from different areas of the country as well as from abroad.

We leave open the participation of children without artistic experience, organizing for them courses of initiation in the 4 arts.

We also accommodate adults to develop or refine their artistic hobby.

Recently, we decided to be more active in the online activities. We launched the series of ”Online Contests”, where people from everywhere can compete with others in their artistic specialization or hobby. As a special gift for the winners, we conduct interviews with them, offering 15 minutes in which they present their background and plans. The interviews are seen by many.

Masterclasses in music, individual study, cenacles and drama courses take place at the “Geo Bogza” House of Culture and at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

2.1       MUSIC

The young musicians can participate in chamber ensembles and, given the existence of a fairly large number of students, an orchestra will be set up to prepare a final concert. Also, students of musicology are guided to write music chronicles for the whole period of the festival. The most valuable works are published on the Festival’s site.

Students from the Composition Masterclass present their works in the first absolute audition at the festival.

Participants perform concerts and recitals in different days and locations. The finality of the Festival is a concert of a greater magnitude.

2.2       VISUAL ARTS

Visual art courses – painting workshops – is designed to develop participants’ creativity and explore the field of fine arts. Students work together with the age group they are part of. The works of participants are exhibited in the hall of “Geo Bogza” House of Culture and published on the Festival’s site.


Theater and acting courses are designed to give learners the opportunity to develop in multiple ways, including helping them to become better acquainted with themselves, developing their communication skills, vocabulary, creativity and the ability to socialize with ease. Mr. Lect. Univ. Dr. Mihai Bisericanu reveals multiple perspectives of the actor profession. The course introduces practical notions about diction and movement, propose exciting imaginative exercises, provide techniques for translating personal experiences into acting and a character’s life. Moreover, Master Bisericanu offers various improvisation games designed to develop attention, responsiveness and memory capacity. As an immediate result of the course, participants gain confidence in their own strengths, acquire insight into interpersonal relationships, and learn to react spontaneously. At the end of the festival, the students present a play with the script they designed during the course.


With a vast experience of writing, organizing and teaching in literary creation camps, Mr. Florin Dochia ensures that these courses are conducted at the highest level of creativity, professionalism and efficiency. They finalize with the publication of the works written by the students in the magazine of the Festival 4 Arts.

The stated purpose of these activities is to attract and cultivate new literary talents, including young people and children with talent in this artistic field.

2.5       ORGANIZERS


The vision of Best Bridge Services SRL is to create opportunities, to assert and develop new generations of talented young people in the field of arts.

The company operates from 1995 and has extensive management, marketing, business strategy and project management experience. Starting from consultancy and management training, at present Best Bridge Services SRL has as main activity the promotion and support of talented people.

It collaborates with national and international artists, teachers with extensive experience, pedagogical and professional dedication.

The General Director and Project Manager, Anca Poștea, has provided training and consultancy programs for managers for over 23 years. Her areas of expertise are in Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Management, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources Development.

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